An independent self-starter who is not afraid to take on a challenge... Go ahead! I dare you to give me one?! Hands on educational experience has been my primary way of learning and I strongly believe that is the best way for someone to see firsthand the in’s and out's of the technology realm.

After graduating high school in 2006, I decided to grow upon my 4 years of graphic and website design skills that my most influential teacher instilled in me. Self-learning techniques like HTML coding and mastering programs such as the entire Adobe Design Suite have been enthralling. I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with the fast paced world called the internet as social media has taken charge with full steam ahead!

Marketing clients and earning their trust as they share their ideas, dreams and personal information; while providing them with, in one customer's words: "caring customer service with heart" has been rewarding, confidence building and an unexpected experience in itself.

Thinking outside of the box gives me a creative edge that simply can not be beat. Feel free to take a look at my growing portfolio and reach out to me. I have a lot more talent to share...















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